Thursday, May 6, 2010

Officially Retired

Eight minutes ago, I stopped working for anyone but myself. How I've got things set up now, I'm going to work from home, for less hours, and make more money each month between clients and rent. Yeah, we should have come up with this plan much earlier...

I don't think anyone has ever left my employer on good terms before me. My boss left today without saying goodbye. Didn't shake my hand. Didn't ask for my keys. Nothing. I just don't think she knew how it was supposed to go, so she snuck out of the office saying zero to anyone. Very strange, but nothing shocks me anymore.

Contemplating how to spend my evening. I'm alone tonight, should I pick up some bedding plants and head to the garden? More screw top wine? Be a good girl and study? I do feel as though I should mark the occasion somehow. We'll see how it plays out I guess.

I've been talking to a lot of people whose dreams are coming true this spring. I definitely feel like I just had to be brave enough to jump, and the water appeared. The world is a wonderful place, if one just allows that to be true.

Voluptuous Update: I'm retired!

Simplicity Update: I'm retired!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Got Apron?

YES I do! DH and I spent our first weekend alone together since February!

Friday, we got our phone and I did some consulting work. I also decided on paint colors for the dining room and my office. DH napped, then we went to the post office to change our address, had our vet records for Missy Cat and Bella Dog transferred to our new vet and made an appointment for Bella, then we had pizza.

Saturday, we went to the local Catholic church for the craft, bake and plant sale. I left with a large rhubarb plant, and the cutest apron ever! DH left with cinnamon bread, of which I ate half because he didn't want to stop for breakfast. Bella got her first shots, and our vet told us she could turn out to be a 70 lb dog! So, she is going to grown into those paws and tail... DH finished the interior walls on the main floor and we picked out an exterior paint color. It's going to be apple green with creamy white trim, and cobalt blue doors. Way too cute.

Sunday, I washed dishes, took out trash, made french toast, wore an apron, gathered laundry and met with a doula client. DH trimmed out the front door so we can install the screen door and put a lockset on the front door too! He also planted the rhubarb and I set out the solar string lights to charge.

For May Day we celebrated in the usual way, DH took to his role as May King very seriously. I don't think our land will have any problems with fertility this year. DH bought me a bottle of wild cherry flavored screw top wine, all I needed was a straw once that baby was cracked wine supposed to fizz?

Voluptuous Update: For an extra $5 one of the delivery kids at the pizza place will DELIVER to my remote farm AND stop for off-sale if requested, gotta luv Wisconsin!

Simplicity Update: I caught the baby dog using my new black heels as a pillow...