Monday, September 13, 2010

Git'r Done

As Autumn quickly approaches, we are in a Get it Done mode here on the farm, or as my "grandmother" would write, "farm". I know I'll never be a real farmer to her until I have a cow, or several hundred...I guess I'm not sure where the threshhold is?

Not only do we have to get serious about winterizing our little homemade homestead, but DH and are both at the university this semester and applying for graduation in May, RIGHT ON!

I have also been offered an opportunity in midwifery, which would require another move, what? Yes, well, it may be in the cards for us I'm afraid to say. I'll know more as we get closer to the New Year.

But even with all of this hard work and planning we still have money burning a hole in our pockets to purchase more real estate. The city house is about to be rented up, so it's either the school house across the street from the farm, a storefront, or more rental housing.

I was going to buy rental housing and help out a "friend" but I found out about a week after the deal fell through that she owes about $20-30K for services that she didn't render and the Sheriff is getting involved, so I think I dodged a bullet there. I'm sure I don't know the whole story, but to quote this same friend "it's good to hear both sides of the story, because the truth is somewhere in between". I hope that is in this case because if not, she's probably going to jail.

(Note: January 22, 2011, I was happy to hear that the above situation is at least partially resolved, and that my instincts surrounding the situation were right on)

We have had some good times too. A week ago we got two 12 week kittens to take care of the mouse issue. They live in barn, purr like crazy, and make my nieces happy. They also bring me dead mice everyday...these free cats were a GREAT investment.

I invented a word today: hilariprecious def: the only description of a cat the size of a coffee cup trying to attack and almost full grown Cochian hen. Synonym: epic fail.

DH and I went for a drive on Sunday to spend some time together and reflect on the move. We have just finished the "easy season" so it seemed like a good idea. A couple challenges have definitely been:

1. The time apart and the fact that the farm is still a vacation spot for him and a home for me.

2. The isolation is as difficult as I expected, although I have met some really great, amazing, mature, hard working women in my new community, and I feel like I could be making some deep friendships.

3. The money didn't flow as fast or as soon as we had hoped, but fall and winter look good.

4. The livestock tie me to the farm. I have said more than once that I am being held hostage by $18 worth of groceries.

5. Completely off grid is not the right choice for us in this climate. We will be tying into electric, expanding the solar and selling back as well as buying.

Some great unexpected joys:

1. I lost a few dear friends due to the changes in me that made hanging out with them no longer possible-I tried to save it, ignored it as long as I could, but ultimately I snapped. Everyone, including me, got hurt. As a result, I am closer to people who I always thought were way too cool or smart to hang out with me, and who wouldn't be caught dead with my old crowd. The loyalty of three peeps (my originals) is particularity stunning.

2. I have the relationship with my sisters that I have always wanted. I see them almost every week and I talk to one or both of them everyday. This has not been true in my entire adult life. We are coming to let go of our childhood issues and really know, love, and respect each other. I'm taking my place back, as the oldest daughter, and I think everyone is relieved.

3. My marriage is stronger than it has ever been. Every couple does things that hurt each other, everyone has a journey of highs, lows, ebbs, and flows and we are certainly nothing if not average. But through the past three months, we have come clean, forgiven each other, reconnected and are having the time of our life together!

4. The connection with nature is so potent. I don't enjoy or experience the days, nights, and seasons, I feel them in my body, all the time, not just when I am concentrating. I can't stop myself from praying. Turning the wheel of the year is as easy as breathing, no effort, no planning. The apples and pears ripen...autumn is arriving. Their fragrance and sweetness is everywhere. I pile them into baskets, they give witness of the divine. The rose buds became heavy blooms, and are now saucy orange hips, soon to be thorns then rose buds again. Cheesy romantic poetry perhaps, but now I feel like I am living it with them, right now feeling my own fruitfulness-storing energy for the coming season.

We absolutely did the right thing. In doing so have created an affordable home for three college/working gals, made a commitment to finish our educations, came full circle back to our families, and became more ourselves and more us.

I'm sure all this rose hippy love will be fodder for sarcastic joking in February, but let's enjoy it together for now, huh?

Voluptuous Update: My husband has suddenly become my boyfriend again...well need I say more?

Simplicity Update: I am bringing almost my entire library to a new birth center, it is a beautiful plan: someone uses them, I maintain ownership, I don't have to store them!